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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

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Salient Features
Monitor work-from-home employees

Employee Desktop Live Viewer – When employees are working from their homes due to any medical emergency or any other reason, then our tool will allow you to monitor their desktops and see their activities.

  • Complete stealth monitoring on remote employee desktops.
  • Monitor the desktops of employees irrespective of their geographical locations.
  • Record employee activities anytime and save the videos for offline viewing.
Invisible Monitoring

Employee computer monitoring tool is entirely stealthy in its operation. The tool or its agent will not be visible in the Start menu, Control panel, Task Manager, or anywhere else. So, employees will not be aware of its installation or desktop monitoring.

  • Totally hidden from employees’ eyes
  • Impossible to uninstall from the control panel
  • Not available in Task Manager (so the task cannot be ended)

Un-interrupted Surveillance

Employee computer monitoring software offers uninterrupted surveillance. It automatically starts monitoring activities right from the moment an employee’s system starts. The monitoring remains uninterrupted even if the employee restarts the system.

  • Live recording of all active desktop screens
  • No stopping/pausing of the monitoring
  • Recordings resume after the restart of the computer
Multiple System Monitoring

There is no limitation to the number of computers that you can monitor with this tool. The agents can be installed on any number of computers (in the same domain, different domain, or workgroup) simultaneously and all ongoing activities on these systems can be monitored on a single viewer screen.

  • Unlimited computer monitoring (even on floating devices)
  • Offers monitoring of computers in multiple domains
  • Live projection of all computers to a single viewer screen

Offline Monitoring

Due to the recording feature of the Employee Desktop Monitoring tool, it is not necessary for you to be there always in front of the system to do the monitoring. Even if you are offline, the monitoring will continue uninterrupted, and you can access the recorded videos anytime you like.

  • Constant recording without external supervision
  • Get the recording of previous days
  • Download recorded videos for offline viewing
Warn, Shutdown, or Restart in Emergency

Though the tool does not allow to make changes to the data on employee desktops, you can turn off, restart, or shut-down the computer. If required, you can send an instant warning message to the employee.

  • Remotely shutdown, restart, or turn off a computer
  • Send a warning message directly to the employee