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Cross-forest Migration (Different Domains)

  • Repairs corrupt/inaccessible database files of any SQL server versionPerform Exchange Migration (On-premises) to/from Exchange 2003/ 2007/ 2010/ 2013 /2016 /2019.
Intra-forest Migration (In Same Domain)

  • Migrate Exchange 2003 to 2007/2010
  • Migrate Exchange 2007 to 2010/2013
  • Migrate Exchange 2010 to 2013/2016
  • Migrate Exchange 2013 to 2016/2019
  • Migrate Exchange 2016 to 2019
Hosted/Hybrid Migration

  • On-premises Exchange to Office 365 Migration
  • On-premises Exchange to Hosted Exchange Migration (all versions)
  • Hosted Exchange to Hosted Exchange
  • Hosted Exchange to Office 365
  • Hosted Exchange to On-Premises Exchange
  • Office 365 to On-Premises Exchange
  • Office 365 to Office 365 Migration
  • Office 365 to Hosted Exchange

Salient Features
Pre-migration Analysis for a Risk-free Migration

Migrator for Exchange

Kernel Migrator for Exchange lets you to plan the unforeseen challenges of migration, even before the execution takes place. The pre-migration analysis feature lets you to evaluate the approximate time for the migration job, based on your network speed and ‘number of machines’ in use. This feature is helpful to plan and deal with all the upcoming challenges efficiently.

Real-time Migration Alerts and Reports

The solution offers real-time notifications either in the software console via “View Reports” option or straight to your specified email account to keep you updated with the live status of the migration project. These alerts provide complete job summary reflecting its Job start time, job completion time, job status, job success/job failure etc.

Web-based Reporting Console

Generate the migration report to see what exactly has happened in the migration process. The report displays full information of what’s being migrated (with Item counts and migration item size), and what are the remaining tasks. This report is presented in a web-based console that requires certain administrative permissions to view and start/stop the migration process etc.

Job-based Migration Process

The Software creates a Job to better organize the complex migration process, and efficiently migrate those thousands of mailboxes in smaller, and separate batches. You can create unlimited jobs for mailboxes and public folder migration, and specify their migration start time accordingly. During migration, a “Migrated Items” column shows the current number of migrated items in the software job list and update in every 5 minutes giving the latest information.

Agent Configuration for Migration Load-sharing

You can assign migration task to multiple Agent systems which are connected to the network to reduce the load on the server. The Agent Machine configuration is handy, particularly for carrying out bigger migrations projects. This helps you carry out the migration even if you don’t have enough server resources.


Our solution provides true coexistence between the migrated and un-migrated mailboxes. Exchange Migrator tool allows to directly synchronize the changes made in the targeted mailboxes and reflect them immediately in the parallel mailboxes, in the following manners – source to target, target to source, and both ways.

Migrate Rules & Permissions, Passwords & SID History

This solution isn’t limited to migrate mailboxes and public folders, but it also migrates complete mailbox properties and permissions – such as Outlook profiles, Outlook rules and folder permissions, mailbox permissions, and GAL list. Additionally, it can migrate everything to the targeted mailbox – even including the total SID history and Passwords.

Express Edition – Quick Exchange Migration without Outlook

Express Edition is a compact version of Kernel Migrator for Exchange tool and is ideal for smaller migrations. It supports migration from Exchange to Exchange, Exchange to Office 365, and vice versa. It conducts a proper mapping between the source and destination and provides complete migration report in CSV file.

Migration Rollback

You can undo any migration task, done mistakenly (for instance, deleted a mailbox) with Rollback feature. Exchange migration tool enables you to undo the changes immediately.

Multilingual Support

Our solution is designed for global use, and hence it delivers precision-perfect mailbox migrations of different languages – Deutsche, Española, Italia, and English.

To prepare for the migration you are going to perform, you can use the Pre-migration Analysis feature of the Kernel Migrator for Exchange software. You just need to have the Source and Target credentials with you. Try this feature to estimate the time required to complete the migration.

Yes, you can try it for free. The software is available for free trial before purchase. All you’ve to do is to fill-up a quick download form and submit it; the software gets downloaded after that.
After receiving your download query, the Kernel support team will immediately contact you to provide free migration access to let you save the migrated items, depending upon your requirements (based on the number of mailbox migration etc.).

This software can be installed on any standalone server, but we recommend you install it on a client machine of either the Source domain or Destination domain (in the same LAN). Also, make sure that you have MS Outlook installed and configured on the system where the software is to be installed.

This software definitely migrates public folders from Exchange and Office 365. For that, the user needs to create a Public Folder Migration job in their migration Project.

There are not many migration software which supports Exchange SBS 2003, but Kernel Migrator for Exchange supports. It can access the public folder data from Exchange 2003 and migrate to Office 365.

Yes. The tool supports the migration of public folders from Exchange 2010 to Office 365. You can create a job for public folder migration and run this job to migrate public folders from Exchange 2010 to Office 365.

Yes, it is possible. While scheduling the migration, the Kernel Migrator gives you the option to allow or deny migration on specified weekdays.